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Case Studies

Compliance & Standards Case Studies

Client project: Metro Trains Melbourne
Asset definition: Main line rail infrastructure
Performance triggers: State legislation, multiple agency oversight
Outcome potential: Regulatory, contract intervention and diminished public perception

For a number of years, Land Management Systems has assisted the operators of Melbourne's train infrastructure manage weed suppression on the entire rail network. This includes providing advice on appropriately safe treatments for a highly populated area, timing and structure of works and the use of the company's purpose-built, high-precision equipment.

Case Studies

Restoration Case Studies

Client project: John Holland Group, planned restoration following works impact
Asset definition: National biosite rail corridor, Victoria
Performance triggers: State and federal legislation, contract performance with multiple agency oversights
Outcome potential: Regulatory intervention, contract delay and withholding of performance bond

As a major rail infrastructure constructor, John Holland has contributed significantly to the rebuilding of Victoria's rail system. As with most significant infrastructure projects, many assets are located away from the primary infrastructure, resulting in necessary impacts in adjoining reserves. To assist in an orderly process, the impacts were assessed and a restoration plan was developed that allowed for substantial areas of natural regeneration where impact was minimal, through to full re-establishment where significant impacts were unavoidable.

Client Project

Management Planning Case Studies

Client project: Melbourne Water, planned restoration following major works impact
Asset definition: Various stormwater retarding basins, Victoria
Performance triggers: Contract performance and public scrutiny.
Outcome potential: Contract delay and diminished public perception.

Statutory planning and environmental project management are a specialist area of company expertise.

A number of stormwater retarding basin projects were run on behalf of Melbourne Water. Stormwater collected from local hard surfaces, such as roads, is often directed to retarding basins to delay the storm surge and filter potential contaminants. Land Management Systems was engaged to provide project staff to oversee revegetation of the filtering system and surrounding property to monitor contract performance and delivery of the final product.

Management Planning Case Studies