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Field Support Services

Founded more than 20 years ago, Land Management Systems offers a wide range of optimised groundcare solutions, including weed control.

We are based in Melbourne.

Professional Landscape Services

With years of experience, Land Management Systems offers uncompromising weed eradication and control services to both homeowners and businesses.

Our skilled team will carry out comprehensive site surveys to identify invasive weed species and provide practical solutions.

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

We manage comprehensive site surveying and mapping

Professional Weed Management and Control

At Land Management Systems, we deliver carefully planned weed control services that are tailored to meet your requirements.

By combining quality workmanship with the finest chemicals, our highly experienced team can guarantee impressive results and excellent quality.

No matter where the weeds are, we can provide effective weed removal and weed prevention services.

We deliver effective and compliant weed management outcomes


  • Professional team with broad infield experience.
  • Expert capability in weed management and high precision application.
  • Field services that include plant identification, mapping and soil testing
  • Project management services

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