Professionally Managed Lands

Providing services to Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia


Land Management Systems is a specialist enviromental contractor and consultancy with expertise in environmental management and project supervision. Company members and affiliates have experience in advising government agencies and private clients on managing a number of issues, including:

  • Nature conservation and biodiversity
  • Vegetation management and weed control
  • Fire protection (project management and advisory)
  • Mapping


  • Soil testing and analysis
  • Operational support – vegetation control
  • Environmental specification and auditing

In particular, the issue of managing land assets during the construction phase can pose a special challenge. Construction is, by necessity, very focused on the primary outcome. Land Management Systems can undertake the identification of risks that the project poses to the land bundle and develop engineering strategies while protecting the integrity of the reserve. This potentially requires input from several sources to evaluate the fire risk, botany, zoology and agronomy.

Through our own expertise and affiliated consultants, we can provide a fully integrated package of assessment and advice.

Senior staff have expertise in the following practice areas:

  • Environmental management, agronomy and pollution assessment
  • Ecology, botany planning and net gain
  • Specification, works supervision and revegetation
  • Mapping

The company’s cumulative skills that amount to many years of operational and advisory experience in various capacities are listed below:

  • Specification and project management of environmental issues such as fire prevention, nature conservation, tree management and weed control
  • Preparation of environmental QA documentation
  • Environmental assessment and tender specification of engineering projects
  • Environmental complaints management
  • Expert witness
  • Fire prevention advice
  • Native plant and animal management
  • Environmental awareness and chemical safety training
  • Soil pollution testing